Quite the accomplishment for a 6-year-old Wenatchee Girl Scout.

Etta Witham with Troop 2305 sold 1,800 boxes of cookies in two weeks and now she'll get to raise the 12th man flag at a Seahawks game.

Her mom, Jill, says Etta just happens to be a football fan.

"Actually, she asked to watch some videos of different people raising it and she was just like, so I get to do that. And so, it helps put all the hard work into perspective." Jill Witham said.

Hitting the mark of 1,800 is no easy feat. Jill and Etta used social media to announce the location of where they would be setting up. They sold cookies in front of Wal-Mart, Lowes, Walgreens, Safeway and a Wenatchee Wild game before reaching the milestone outside Stan's Merry Mart.

"We just set up the times and the employees down there were great. They cleared a little spot for the girls. And yeah, it was kind of neat, because that's where she had her first booth. And that's where she had her last one." Jill Witham said.

At 1,800 boxes, we estimate the 1st grader sold approximately 68,000 cookies total. The most popular were the mints. Etta, however, has her favorite.

"My favorite cookie. Um, my favorite that got sold out is Raspberry Rally. Raspberry Rallys are really good." Etta said.

As for the big prize, Etta gives her own take as to the significance of raising the 12th man flag.

"I'm going to call it the girl's flag for me because I am a girl and I'm going to raise it." Etta said.

Her mom would like to thank members of the community. She says the love that they have for the scouts and the cookies is so appreciated.

"They just came out and supported. I would put it on social media where the booth would be and from what time to what time and the Wenatchee Valley community showed up."

Three other scouts in Troop 2305 are trying to reach goals of their own and Etta will be helping them out over the next few days. If you would like to buy some cookies or just say congratulations to Etta, the troop's last day of selling cookies will be Saturday from 1:00 until 2:30 at Wenatchi Wear Clothing at 600 South Mission Street.

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