The City of Cashmere is applying for a loan that would assess the city’s water system.

On March 27, the city council voted to apply for a loan from the 2023 Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan (DWSRF) Program.

The loan would go towards identifying all pipes and service connections installed before 1986, possibly containing galvanized steel pipes, copper pipes, or lead-soldered joints.

The city has until Oct. 16, 2024 to test the safety of their drinking water.

Cashmere Mayor Jim Fletcher says they need to assess which pipes will need to be inspected before digging underground, stating that inspecting every pipe under the city’s streets and sidewalks could get very expensive.

City of Cashmere Operations Manager Steve Croci said they can eliminate any pipes made after 1986 and any water mains that were replaced since then.

Croci also clarified that the lead is not coming from the city's water source.

The city can apply for a minimum loan of $25,000 with a 2% service fee between April 1-28, 2023.

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