A 12-year-old boy from Grant County is now in the Chelan County juvenile detention center on accusations he threatened a schoolteacher. 

Grant County deputies say a Wahluke School District student posted an online threat showing himself holding what appeared to be a handgun and a piece of paper with a caption that included expletives and the teacher’s name. 

Spokesperson Kyle Foreman says the boy will likely face felony charges. 

"Deputies consulted with the Grant County Prosecuting Attorney's Office," said Foreman. "The prosecuting attorney advised that the 12-year-old should be arrested and booked for investigation of felony harassment." 

The handgun turned out to be a replica weapon, which is being held as evidence. 

Foreman said the Wahluke District told them the student has been expelled from school. 

“The school district said that, with the safety and security of our students and staff as their top priority, every threat must be taken seriously,” Foreman said. 

Deputies are not aware of any past problems with the student. The boy is waiting to be seen by a judge. Underage Grant County suspects are sent to the Chelan County juvenile detention center because the same facility in Grant County was closed down several years ago. 

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