Road signs in Chelan County have been disappearing at an alarming rate over the past few weeks.

"Someone destroyed or took down about two dozen signs in the Monitor area," says the County's public information officer Jill FitzSimmons. "They've stolen stop signs, yield signs, and curve warning signs in very rural areas. But the worst damage that's being done is if someone is hurt because these signs are not up."

Costs to replace the stolen or vandalized signs has now exceeded $2,200.

FitzSimmons says the hazard to public safety that some of the missing signs can cause makes the issue an immediately priority.

"Our crews will have those stop signs, yield signs, and curve warning sings back up a.s.a.p. because it causes an emergency situation when they are missing. It's an instance where if someone spots a sign that's down or missing and they call 9-11, and our foreman gets a call and someone from our offices is then sent out immediately to put those signs back up."

Chief Ryan Moody with the Chelan County Sheriff's Office says the thefts have occurred during three separate overnights over the past three weeks.

Moody adds they are still looking for suspects and the sheriff's office is urging anyone that sees suspicious activity near road signs or who might know someone who is in possession of stolen signs to contact them immediately.

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