A project to install traffic lights at a busy East Wenatchee intersection is nearing completion.

Last fall, road construction crews had the intersection of 9th and Valley Mall Parkway prepped and ready but hit a roadblock due to supply issues with the light poles.

"We actually ordered them last June and they are just now showing up." Public Works Manager Garren Melton said.

Now that the light poles have arrived, they will be installed Thursday (4/5). But Melton says the traffic signal cabinet isn't arriving until May. Everything else is pretty much finished.

"All of the underground work, all of the paving was done in the fall. All we're waiting on is for the poles and the signal cabinet to show up and be installed." Melton said.

The intersection with its flashing red light to alert drivers of a four-way stop was identified as deficient 10 years ago.

Following talks with the Washington Department of Transportation, the city decided a traffic signal would be the most effective route for the project to take.

The nearly $2-million project included paving and sidewalk improvements.

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