I know, I know, we are still in winter technically but now is the time to start thinking about which summer programs you want your little to take part in over their summer break!  

Maybe you are like me and can’t take a summer break from work, in fact maybe it’s your busiest time. Well do something for yourself today that your future self will thank you for later! Get those kids signed up so you don’t have to worry about a waiting list or be stuck with having to figure things out last minute!  

The Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp – Registration open now! (I have been to this camp when I was younger, by far one of my favorite camping experiences, cool cabins to stay in and lifelong friends to be made! 

The YMCA also has a summer program right in Wenatchee for day use, while you are at work. Super fun for the kids!  

Camp Zanika Lache – This also takes place in Lake Wenatchee and caters to kids of all ages!  

Wenatchee Valley Muesum and Cultural Center - Enrichment classes for k-6th grades! 

Camas Meadows Bible Camp – With different weeks being for different ages, you will be sure to find something for your little!  

So far, these are the camps I have found, some are overnight, and some are day. All are awesome! Let’s face the facts, entertaining kids in the summertime can be trying and daycare costs can be expensive, so get the kids into something they will reallllyyy enjoy! Summer Camp! 

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