We are just a few days away from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Are you ready?? Do you have all of your green gear? Green treats, green everything right? There’s a super fun parade that will take place in Cashmere WA.  

The Mile Post 111 Brewing St. Patty’s Day Parade 

Parade starts: 7pm 

Down beautiful Cottage Ave. In Cashmere.  

If you are looking to be a part of the parade, enter here. 

Enjoy all the different attractions of that of a Saint Patrick's Day Parade!  

I personally love when some of the participants dress their dog up and have them walk alongside. But I am also a fan of all the garb people come up with to fit as much “green stuff” on them as possible!  

Take part or just enjoy from street side, all the fun that WILL be had this Friday in beautiful downtown Cashmere WA.  

Grab a lawn chair, grab the family, and wear your green! Saint Patrick’s Day 2023 is on a Friday so let’s kick this awesome weekend off with the Mile Post 111 Brewing St. Patty’s Day Parade! 

*It is worth noting that there are many different event’s going on for St. Patrick’s Day, including another Parade being help in Wenatchee WA. Click here for more information. 

By the way, you will score all the “AWWWWW’s” from the crowd with a dressed-up pet. Heck, even dress your lizard up, or just bring them because they are green already. Hahaha wouldn’t that be a sight to see! Maybe add a green leash!  

Top 20 Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in America

WalletHub recently completed a study of 2023's Best Cities for St. Patrick's Day. They took a number of factors into consideration... like number of Irish Pubs, restaurants per capita, and even lowest price for a 3-star hotel.

Below is their results, compiling all of their research into a Top 20 list. Good news, you might not have to travel far at all for a great St. Patrick's Day party this year!

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