You may be hard pressed to find people who like being stuck in traffic, but a new report suggests drivers in Washington State have an even harder time with it.

According to Jill Gonzalez, an analyst with the personal finance website, WalletHub, says the state ranks second in the country for worst driving experiences.

"Washington could use improvement across the board, especially when it comes to costs. Getting a car, maintaining a car, and of course, gassing it up." Gonzalez said.

And looking at those gas prices, drivers in Washington pay the fourth highest gas tax in the country.

"And it's joined by states all around it, Oregon, California, Nevada, all have higher gas prices as well. It's something out west that it's certainly known for." Gonzalez said.


It's not just the "pain at the pump" that drives people crazy.

Gonzalez says Washington State ranks poorly across 31 key indicators such as traffic congestion, car theft, and road conditions.

"It does have a pretty high percentage of roads and also bridges that are in disrepair." Gonzalez added.

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According to the report, Hawaii is the only state that ranks worse for driving experience. Iowa ranks as the best.

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