Family members of the father and three sons involved in a fatal canoe accident near Warden set up a GoFundMe campaign.

On Friday, 32-year-old Miguel Porfirio from Othello brought his three sons, Miguel, Oliver, and William to a fishing trip at the Columbia Wildlife Refuge south of SR 262.

While the family was fishing, their canoe had capsized. When family members received no word from them, they called the authorities.

On Nov. 12-13, first responders recovered the bodies of Miguel Porfirio and his two sons, Oliver and William.

Funds will go towards the family’s funeral expenses, that will include sending the body of the father and his sons to Mexico.

The family is asking for donations and support for the mother Esthela, who is currently six-months pregnant, along with her two children Miguel and Misael.

You can access their GoFundMe campaign here.

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