There's no building damage after a fire at Keyes Fibre just north of Wenatchee on U.S. Highway 97A.  

Wenatchee Valley Fire Department spokesperson Kay McKellar says the fire took place on pallets adjacent to the Keyes plant and offices. 

"The building was not threatened," McKellar said. "They took a forklift and the moved the pallets out farther away from the building. And then they knocked the fire down. What was on fire were those apple trays that they make. And they overheated." 

The fire took place Monday at about 2:30pm. Firefighters left the scene with the fire completely put out by roughly 4:30pm.  There were no injuries from the fire. 

There was a three-alarm fire at Keyes Fibre about a year ago (July 15, 2022), which followed a fire there in June that did significant building damage. The plant also experienced an overnight fire in March of 2022. 

Keyes Packaging has a history of fires dating back to 2005 when huge stacks of paper fruit-packing trays ignited. 

The company bills itself as a leader in the molded fiber packaging industry, with a focus on the produce, egg and wine industries. 

Keyes says it has followed environmental and sustainable practices for over 60 years. 

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