WA Notify App (Google play)
WA Notify App (Google play)

Washington State Department of Health officials this week confirmed the COVID-era WA Notify App is now dormant.

COVID alert app went away May 11-12

It was reported earlier the service would end on May 11th, with the ending of the COVID pandemic. State officials claim nearly 4 million "mobile devices" utilized the app and it reportedly generated 2.5 million exposure notifications.

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However, previous information from the Department of Health indicates it had about 235,000 active users, but they did not list how many actual downloads of the app were made since it debuted in November 2020.

However, other sources claim the numbers were over 1 million, perhaps 1.2 million in downloads. But there is a difference between downloads and actual users of an app.

A May 5th DOH briefing confirmed the app would reach end-of-life on May 11th.

A number of studies showed these exposure apps did not live up to expectations, many overpromised and underdelivered.


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