The City of Wenatchee received $415,000 to go towards developing the site for Wenatchee Rescue Mission’s low-barrier shelter units Thursday.

The city contracted with Osborn Consulting, Inc. to build 44 pallet shelter units, providing heat, air-conditioning, and space for bedding and storage.

These units were purchased from the Pallet Shelter Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) for a total of $643,460.

Community Development Director Glen DeVries shared that the initial delivery date was pushed from April to July.

Washington State Department of Commerce granted the city an additional $415,000. DeVries said they hope to use this grant towards creating a shower facility for the second Safe Park and to install site fencing for both safe parks.

This is on top of the $536,690 grant they received from the Washington State Department of Commerce, which did not cover the total cost of the shelter units.

The city’s contract with Osborne Inc. was amended to allocate $118,452 towards storm water improvements, power extensions, water and sewer installation, and to evaluate tree safety for the site.

DeVries said that they have until June to spend grant funds.

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