The City of Wenatchee is looking to add more charging stations to meet the growing demand of electric vehicles.

At 2nd and Columbia, three charging stations owned by E-V Charging Solutions have the ability to power up vehicles. The city wants to add one more.

"They would like to expand to add an additional charging station adjacent to the existing units." Facilities Manager Elisa Schafer said.

The proposal is expected to come up during tomorrow night's city (3/23) council meeting where Schafer is scheduled to ask for authorization to move forward.

"We are proposing to allow E-V charging solutions to lease additional parking space. So it'll still be a parking space, but it'll just be dedicated to an E-V charging unit." Schafer said.

Vehicle being charged at 2nd and Columbia
Vehicle being charged at 2nd and Columbia

In 2017, the Chelan County Public Utilities District (PUD) began working with other utilities to develop an electric vehicle forecast.

Six years later, the study shows the number of electric vehicles have doubled with roughly 25% growth rate every year. At this rate, there would be 12,000 electric vehicles in the county by 2035.

Around town, the city manages four other charging stations in the parking lot of the Wenatchee Convention Center and four stations in the city employee parking lot at Wenatchee City Hall.

When asked whether the city will pursue more charging stations, Schafer says it's conceivable.

"I don't know what the future leads, but it is not outside of the realm of possibility" Schafer said.

Governor Jay Inslee announced last year that the state would ban the sale of new, gas powered vehicles beginning in 2035.

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