Parking along the west side of Washington Park in Wenatchee will undergo some changes.

A proposal to replace parallel parking with angled parking stalls along Wilson Street was introduced two years ago.

Dave Erickson with the Parks Department went before the city council last night for approval to move the project forward.

"For a number of different reasons, one, to increase capacity. It lessens the impact of picnic shelter rentals and park uses on the neighborhood's full turn driving down that farther," Erickson said. "The back and angle parking also would allow to increase safety. So if people are coming for their shelter rentals, they can back in they can pop their trunk."

The Parks Department also wants to replace the deteriorating sidewalk along Wilson Street.

Site where angled parking will be added and sidewalk replaced
Park site where angled parking will be added and sidewalk replaced

Erickson told the council that a capital request for the angled parking, sidewalk improvements and underground electrical work will come at a later time.

"We're actually working on the plans right now to underground the power at Pioneer, Chase and Washington because those are all overhead power lines, or the old PUD poles. We have to change those out to city poles. That would then allow us to install security cameras on some of those poles as well."

The city council approved the angled parking and sidewalk project to enter the next phase.

Another request for budget approval is expected after the Parks Department runs the numbers. Erickson says the last estimate figured to be around $480,000, but that was two years ago.

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