Amazon Prime day makes for some killer deals on those special ticket items you've been wanting, but what happens if it never shows up? Amazon says it was delivered but it's nowhere in sight. More than likely you've been a victim of a porch Pirate.

Lucky for you, it's easily avoidable and we can help you avoid those porch Pirates with 3 easy tips so you don't get scammed out of your packages.

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3.) Send your Packages to a nearby Amazon Pick Up Store

That's right while checking out you can choose to have your packages sent to an Amazon Package Hub. Lucky for you there are quite a few locations around the Yakima Valley that offer this service. Many of them are local Rite Aids including the ones on Nob Hill, 9th ave, union gap, and Tieton Village Drug store.

2.) Watch for your Package to be Delivered on the Amazon App

By clicking your profile and then going to your orders you can not only see what you've purchased but also the tracking for the parcel. It will show you where the package is currently and once delivered it will be updated to say delivered. Either you or someone you know can swing by and pick up the package before those pirates get their hands on them.

1.) Install a Ring Doorbell

No, the Ring Doorbell won't jump out of the wall and box the porch pirate into submission, however, it's a proven study that Porch Pirates are unlikely to steal when they know they're on camera, Believe it or not, if the package is stolen while having a ring doorbell you can turn the footage in and they can match it with their database. More than likely someone stealing packages already has a criminal history and is in the system.

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