The Wenatchee School District is keeping an eye on the region’s air quality in an effort to protect the health of its students and staff.

Spokesperson, Diana Haglund, says the district has been able to use some of its safeguarding implements from the COVID pandemic to help keep the air clean during the region’s recent smoke-filled days.

“Because of the hazardous air quality, we’re monitoring closely and making adjustments to our H-VAC system. We’re also utilizing our air purification units that we’ve had since the start of COVID to help keep the air clean.”

Haglund adds that extra precautions have also been applied to the district’s extracurricular activities.

“We’re also either cancelling or moving athletic or other activities that would normally take place outside, indoors. Each individual coach and program is communicating with the families of its kids in regards to whether those activities can and will be held indoors or rescheduled.”

Current forecasts are calling for the skies to see a return to their more familiar and friendlier blue color by mid-week.

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