Wenatchee City Council members want to address the parking situation in downtown before renovation of the convention center begins.

At Thursday night's council meeting. ALSC Architects delivered a presentation on the design for the renovation project along Wenatchee Avenue.

Council members voiced their approval but want to see more done about parking such as the addition of a parking garage.

"I'm going forward with this, and I think the next step after this is to do something about the parking garage. That's a necessity, big time." Councilman Jose Luis Cuevas said.

"Anyone who has been downtown for the Big Hort Show, or any other big convention, knows what a problem parking is because for a mile and a half, every available parking spot is taken." Councilman Keith Huffaker said.

Councilman Travis Hornby would like to see more study on the idea.

"How many hotels have come in and have parking and those individuals don't drive to the convention center individually. They drive as a group, or they walk. A lot of these places are close enough to these hotels that they can actually walk." Hornby said.

Part of the study will involve talking to business owners along downtown Wenatchee Avenue who depend on parking spots along that stretch of road for foot traffic.

Meanwhile, ALSC Architects presented photographs, design schematics, analysis and findings of the convention center expansion project at the council meeting. The city accountant also demonstrated how revenue from lodging taxes will help pay for the project.

If you would like to see the ALSC report on the Wenatchee Convention Center expansion, click on the Document Center link.

Wenatchee - Document Center (civicweb.net)

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