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As many as 200,000 convicted drug felons in WA State could potentially have their fines and court fees reimbursed, with the process starting next month.

Blake Refund Bureau set to go into operation in July

According to reports, the WA State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) will oversee this program. Sometime in July, an online "portal" will assist those whose convictions were overturned get refunds on their fines and costs.

They will be able to search and find their case, and learn how much they apply for in refunds.  The state legislature set aside $50 million which will go towards the reimbursements. The site, says the AOC, will also give information on how to have the conviction removed from their records.

The portal will be a link or tab that will operate from the state's court website,

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  According to officials, an estimated 200,000 people could potentially be eligible for refunds, many of them with cases dating back to the 1970s. And additionally, an estimated 150,000 misdemeanor marijuana cases as well.

According to the AOC:

 "To help offset costs to courts, prosecutors, and defense attorneys, the Washington State legislature approved $47 million for the efforts of vacating hundreds of thousands of possession charges, and adjusting sentences for thousands of incarcerated or supervised persons."

The AOC did not give a firm date for when this portal will begin operations.

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