First responders have determined a mass distribution email about bombs being hidden in schools around Washington State is a hoax.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office reported Almira-Coulee Hartline High School and Coulee City Elementary were evacuated today (04/12).

We spoke with the superintendent of the Davenport School District. He says they took a cautious approach and closed schools for the day.

Parents were asked to pick up their children from a nearby church while officers swept school grounds using bomb-sniffing dogs from Fairchild Air Force Base.

Investigators gave the schools the all-clear. The Grant County Sheriff's Office says the email that went out to more than 35 school superintendents is likely not a credible threat and that all measures are being taken to ensure student and staff safety.

We spoke with the Eastmont School District. A spokesperson says the email was received and police were called immediately. Police told them it was a hoax. No evacuations were made.

When we checked with Wenatchee High School, a spokesperson said she wasn't aware of the email.

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