A Republican House member in Olympia has submitted a bill that would allow fired workers to regain their jobs.

  House Bill (HB) 1029 would restore fired workers

While it does not guarantee their return, it would allow the re-hire of state workers who were fired in October of 2021 by Governor Inslee over their refusal to get vaccinated.

You may recall that winter the state was cut in half during heavy snowfall, as all the mountain passes were closed. This was due to a lack of snowplow drivers and other workers, and even now the state's ferry system around Puget Sound still struggles with manpower shortages.

Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen of Puyallup says the bill would allow nearly 1900 workers who either resigned or were fired over the mandate. According to Jacobsen (by way of GOP House Communications Director Johnn Sattgast):

"Let's encourage localities and encourage private sector businesses to hire back those people if they want their jobs. Let's mandate that the state create a pathway if these people want back their jobs and if their jobs are not available, maybe pop them into something different. Let's just extend an olive branch and get moving beyond all this vaccine mandate stuff."

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HB 2019 can be seen by clicking here.  To this day, Gov. Inslee has noticeably sidestepped comment the few times he's been asked about this issue, or has offered little in remarks directly addressing the issue.

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