The Wenatchee FC Youth is gearing up for a couple of big soccer tournaments this month and next month.

Three girls teams and three boys teams will travel to Arizona for the Phoenix Cup in late March.

Three boys teams are headed down to Las Vegas for the Mayor's Cup. That gets underway this weekend.

Scott Chandler coaches one of the girls teams. He says Wenatchee FC players do really well at these national events.

"We're pretty much competing at the top level throughout the state and in order to really compete as tournaments are concerned, you kind of have to go out of town or out of state to really be able to compete and see how you how you rate against other teams around the around the country and so we got this opportunity to compete in the Phoenix cup." Chandler said.

Last year, Wenatchee FC's B05 Oyston team won the national title in Colorado. The nine teams heading down to Nevada and Arizona are hoping for similar results.

Chandler says many thanks go out to the community for their support.

"It's just a blessing to have people that stand behind us and give us support and come out to Applebee's and support us through donations and things like that." Chandler added.

Wenatchee FC Youth has been holding fundraisers to help with travel and food expenses. You can go to their Facebook Page for updates.

You can also click here if you would like to contribute to Wenatchee FC Youth's donation program.

And if you would like to keep tabs on how the boys teams are faring in the Mayor's Cup starting this Friday, click here.

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