Link Transit's Board of Directors in Wenatchee has given the 2023 - 2025 collective bargaining agreement a final stamp of approval.

Several sessions were held by Labor and Management to negotiate wages, benefits and work rules, but no agreement was struck.

Mediation ensued and the collective bargaining proposal was ratified. Tuesday (4/18) it was approved by the board.

A placeholder for wages and benefits for the bargaining unit of 10% was budgeted for 2023. Increases in year two and three are 4.5% and 4.25% respectively.

Other changes include overtime pay over one workday, health care costs and some extra money for arriving employees.

"A signing bonus that we attached to this contract. Changed up some medical cost sharing for years two and three," Administrative Services Manager Lynn Bourton said. "We had language originally that for people who work four 10s, they were paid overtime over 12 hours. But now, anyone who works 10 hours in a day, they would get overtime."

Here's a summary of items in the collective bargaining agreement:

  • Three-year contract 2023 - 2025
  • Probationary period will now exclude time used for leave without pay
  • Overtime will be paid for any hours over ten in one day
  • Undefined Operators will be guaranteed 40 hours in a week
  • Moved to 95/5 split for medical in years two and three (currently 4.5%)
  • Minor changes to uniform language – increased replacement allowance by $100
  • Year one wages increased in April 2022 from 4% - 15% retroactive to 1/1/23
  • Wages increased by 4.5% in year 2 and 4.25% in year 3, plus longevity pay of 2.5% after 20 years.
  • Nine people will move into longevity pay during the life of the contract.
  • Weekend premiums years beginning July 2023 and ending at the end of year two: $600 at the end of the bid cycle for those who choose to work both Saturday and Sunday and work 75% of the scheduled weekends. $300 at the end of the bid cycle for those who choose to work either Saturday or Sunday and work 75% of the scheduled weekends.
  • Some changes to the accident repair cost in relationship to discipline points
  • One time signing bonus of $1,000
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