When you think of tiny towns you may think Yakima is small compared to bigger cities like Seattle, Tacoma or even Spokane. But then you have to consider Yakima is bigger than some of our surrounding neighbors like Zillah or Grandview and more. There's one town in Washington State that seems to only have one resident living there. That's right! If you visit this town, the population will double.

Welcome to Laurier, Washington

That's probably what they'd say when you enter this town.


This small town of only 16 square miles, one resident and a border that connects to Canada. If you visit Canada from heading north on 395 from Spokane chances are you drove right through this time.

Looking at the map I can clearly see there are more houses there. When the census was taken it was 2010 so maybe more people have arrived. Or they could just be housing for border patrol which I could see being more accurate. They don't actually live there but stay where when working. But the town is big enough to have a post office and a U.S. Customs and Border Protection building.


Even though this place only has one resident, They're not alone as several people enter and exit Canada from this popular highway road so I'm sure they see everyone coming and going.

And Washington isn't the only one. Alaska, Arizona, Nebraska and Utah also have towns with a single resident according to HouseBeautiful.com. See, it's nice not being alone.

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