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Six initiatives have been certified by the WA State Secretary of State, and will appear on the November ballot. They are the six from Let's Go WA, which would do away with the Climate Commitment Act (CCA), repeal the capital gains tax, allow anyone to opt out of the long-term cares Act at any time. The other 3 would greatly expand police pursuits, establish a parental bill of rights concerning education, and finally, prevent any county or local municipality from passing an income tax.

  Hearings on these will be held February 27-28

By constitutional requirements, the legislature was expected to hold hearings on all six. However, legislative Democrats, who hold majorities in the House and Senate, have chosen to only hear discussion on I-2111 (Banning the income tax locally and countywide) I-2081-parents bill of rights, and I-2113 which would restore police pursuits.

The hearings will take place February 27th and 28th.  Regardless of their outcome ALL 6 are going to be on the ballot this November. But, citizens can offer their support or disagree with the 3 that are getting hearings.

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You can submit written comments and opinions, even if you cannot 'join' the hearings via Zoom.  To find out details on how to offer your opinion on these three initiatives, click here for instructions.

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