The Washington Secretary of State says it appears all six Lets Go WA initiatives will be headed to voters in November after they are also presented to the legislature.

Preliminary certification is a trend based on samples of the signatures

According to The Center Square, Secretary of State (SOS) Steve Hobbs says it appears all of the initiatives are good so far. Preliminary certification means after a sample size of each of the petitions, there are no outstanding issues or problems.

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His comments were based on the results of random 3 percent samples of signatures from each petition. Courtesy of The Center Square, here are the initiatives:

  • "I-2113 restore a state law allowing law enforcement to engage in vehicular pursuits based on reasonable suspicion.
  • I-2117 repeal the state’s cap-and-trade program.
  • I-2124 allow residents to opt out of the state long-term care insurance
  • I-2109 repeal the state’s capital gains income tax
  • I-2111 ban state and local governments from imposing a tax on gross income
  • I-2081 allow parents and legal guardians to have access to certain types of public school instructional material as well as student records."

Once the initiatives are officially certified, they go to the legislature. They can either pass them as is into law,  ignore them and they'd go straight to voters, or provide their own 'version' of each of the initiatives which would also appear on the ballot.  Based on the makeup of the legislature, it is not likely they will just let them go on to voters without any input.

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