I Love Food.

There, I said it, and it felt good because well, I do!

I'm allergic to one food and that would be Avocados.

Luckily for us though, we can find some super good food in Washington State that doesn't have to include avocado.

Btw, I found out I'm allergic to avocado on a first date... No there was not a second.


Honestly, I think it was!

So, where can we go in Washington for some yummy food?

Feeling Pizza?

The 9 Best Washington State Cities for Pizza

What about a dinner for a special occasion?

Top Washington Foodie Destinations for Anniversary Dinner Dates

Be culinarily inspired by these yummy foodie towns in Washington State. From coastline to Eastern WA.

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Maybe you are looking for that Perfect Washington Apple...

Five Of The Healthiest Apple Varieties Are Here In Washington State

Explore the five healthiest apple varieties in Washington State.The healthiest apple to eat depends on personal preferences and nutritional needs. However, some popular choices known for their nutritional benefits include:

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You can even have super fun dining experiences that take you back in time.

50's Themed Restaurants in Washington State

Take yourself into the past with some yummy diners and cafes around Washington State.

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No matter where you choose to eat in Washington State, make sure it makes your heart sing!

Have you ever had a bad experience while out dining?

Please bring that to the attention of the manager. I see on social media, complaints about this place or that, but did they make that complaint to the Manager, or do they expect their Facebook post to land in the right hands?

How much should we tip in Washington State?

"If service is satisfactory, customers generally give waitstaff, taxi drivers, barbers, hairdressers, and so forth, a tip of from 15% to 20% of the total bill. (Be aware that tipping waitstaff less than 15% is considered a sign that service was bad.)" - Source


So yes, tip too please :)

Whatever restaurant you choose, my rule of thumb when ordering is...

Order the food you wouldn't normally make at home. Why order and pay for something you already make?!

Things to do in Washington State

Social media could be down, or you may just simply be looking for something to do in our great Evergreen state, check out these options!

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