Across America - criminals have been scamming their way into personal bank accounts with ways so cunning, that many don’t realize that they’ve become victims of theft.

Government officials from multiple states nationwide are sounding the alarm concerning a new scam that allows scammers access to your entire bank account.

Scam Wipes Out Bank Accounts in the Midwest

Scammers now utilize AI, writing believable messages that appear to come from your bank. Law enforcement has reported a new text message phishing tactic, resulting in bank accounts drained of sometimes thousands of dollars. 

How do the criminals trick you?

The Ohio Attorney General warns of the tricky two-step procedure:

1 - A text message on your phone claims to be your bank. They provide a link with the bad news from your bank: 

  • Closing your account
  • Denying access to your debit card
  • or that they’ve found suspicious activity detected in your account. 

2 -  Seeing the bad news - you click on the link and enter your personal information to resolve the matter quickly.

The criminals now have access to your bank account. 

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How can you tell if the text message is a red flag?

The Better Business Bureau says to look out for the following:

  • A sender with a 10-digit number or email address
  • A link is included in the text message - banks usually only ask you for a yes or no reply.
  • A bank website URL with additional characters

The Better Business Bureau advises you not to click on links and call your bank directly from the number on the back of your card or their official website, not the number that is texted to you.

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