Have you heard of "Finding Finnegan"? if not, here's their bio.

"Finding Finnegan is a Washington Nonprofit Corporation and is preparing to file for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. It was started to help try to fill the need in the area as more and more rescues and shelters are finding themselves well over-capacity with stray and unwanted dogs and puppies. It was named after one of its President's foster pups, Finnegan, who was adopted by her parents and lives a charmed life with his fur-brother, Charley, in Arizona. Ms. Kate has been fostering puppies since 2018 for multiple rescues and shelters in the Central Washington area." (Source)

Finding Finnegan
Finding Finnegan

Finding Finnegan is located in Wenatchee WA and is an appointment-based operation. Family owned and operated since July 2023 when they received all the credentials needed.

I spoke with the owner, Kate in regard to Finding Finnegan:

How can the Wenatchee Valley help out?

Volunteers for walking the puppies, playing with them. All the fun puppy stuff, we are always accepting food donations, we get a certain food from Firehouse Pet shop, NutraSource Chicken and Rice, we have found that that food is best for the puppies digestive system.

What's the Adoption Process?

We do have applications and we really vet out the people looking to adopt, making sure they have a fit home and if the puppy and possible owner get along well. We do ask that the person meet us and the puppy. We like to ensure the puppy is going to a good home.


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