I moved to Cashmere WA back in April of 2022. There are so many wonderful things about living in Cashmere that I could burst at the seams telling you! The small town, small community atmosphere, the sports teams, the charm and quietness that the town seems to harness. My little girl and I are able to walk and feel safe around town, the beautiful mountains for the backdrop, I could go on and on. Very grateful if you will.

One home though sticks out, but you have to be looking to notice! This home on quaint Cottage Ave has a few special structures that my little girl just absolutely loves. What are they?


Photo Credit: Aly
Photo Credit: Aly

The picture above doesn't even match the coolness of these creatures!

I spoke with the owners of the house and of the Dino's, here's what was said:

Owner Rochelle: So many kids and people love these dinosaurs, it's funny.

What's the story behind these guys?

Rochelle: Well, the dinosaurs come from a furniture place in Vancouver WA called "America the Beautiful Dreamer." And originally, we were looking at property to move to, where hiking trails are, and we were going to put them randomly on the trails for kids to come across, but the housing market has made it to where we have to stay put on Cottage Ave for the time being, so we decided to put them in the yard. We originally only had one, but my partner would come home from business trips with a new dino for me. Wait until Halloween! We really have fun with them!

And she isn't kidding! Below is an example of what they were able to do last year for Halloween.

Yes, that is a makeshift from limbs, giant pumpkin head figure with the Dino's on a leash! How fun! And how cool for this family to have these guys out for the town to enjoy.

Made of Teak Driftwood from Indonesia, these Dinosaurs are a sight to see!

Thank you to the Owners for sharing such fun finds!

For more information on where to get one of these awesome statues or even look at all that, "America the Beautiful Dreamer" company has for furniture, click here. 

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