I have always been a last-minute Christmas shopper and I will own it, I'm a procrastinator. I was planning on writing this article 3 weeks ago. Everything I've been hearing in the news lately and reading online leads me to believe that it's already too late to do any Christmas shopping. Dire warnings about ordering something and not allowing enough time for it to get to you, so you can then get it off to your loved ones in time. 

So, I'm asking the question, is it already too late to shop for Christmas? The Internet says yes. But I say no. I used to joke about not shopping for Christmas until Christmas Eve and then I would go to 7/11 and everybody gets Slim Jims and a bag of M&M's. 


here are some of the things the internet has to say about this subject. 

Sfgate.com says, “Order your gifts by these dates to make Christmas shipping deadlines. Before placing your online gift orders, check out this list of retailers’ suggested order-by dates for delivery by Dec. 25.” 

If you're ordering from Amazon pay attention. 

FTC Files Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Prime Membership Pratices
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“Here are estimated order-by dates on Amazon for delivery by Christmas Day:  

  • Free shipping: Thursday, Dec. 15 
  • Prime two-day shipping: Thursday, Dec. 22 
  • Prime one-day shipping: Friday, Dec. 23 
  • Prime same-day delivery: Saturday, Dec. 24 

As a time saver, Amazon has an option at checkout to send purchases as gifts, which ships items directly to the intended recipients’ homes (given you provide their addresses). Better yet, electronic Amazon gift cards purchased on Dec. 25 will arrive in the recipient's email inbox the same day.” 

According to a RetailMeNot survey, “37% of shoppers begin their holiday shopping between August and September if not earlier, and an additional 22% start in October. 38% of people say they start their Christmas gift shopping in October, which seems like a good rule to follow. It is early enough to avoid the crowds and get good deals, but not too late to get you stressed in December. It's in your best interest to start holiday shopping ASAP, especially if you're shopping online. 

Target To Close Stores In Several Cities Due To Theft And Violence
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At Target.com they have a weekly Christmas shopping ad that you can check out online. 

Check out corporate.bestbuy.com. For their suggestions and recommendations. My sister just bought a brand-new TV from Best Buy. She's all excited because if the TV’s price goes down in the next month and ½, which it probably will. She'll get some of that money back. 

Shoppers Flock To Stores For Black Friday Deals
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 Best Buy is hoping that you'll wait for their sale events. 

  • “Black Friday Early Access for Members: Plus and Total members get exclusive access to some of our hottest Black Friday deals from Oct. 27 to 29, before they’re available to all shoppers.1   
  • Black Friday Deals for Everyone: Starting Oct. 30, all shoppers get early access to Black Friday deals across TVs, computing, gaming, e-transportation and more.1  
  • Black Friday Sale: Our Black Friday Sale officially begins on Friday, Nov. 17, with incredible deals on thousands of gifts and top brands.1 
  • Cyber Monday Sale: The Cyber Monday Savings Event will start on Sunday, Nov. 26, when you’ll get thousands of deals, including savings up to 50% on top gifts” 
Walmart Posts Strong First Quarter Earnings
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walmart.com says, “Free 2-day Shipping on Millions of Items. No Membership Fee. Shop Now!” 

You will also find lots of Christmas gift opportunities if you shop locally. Check out the merchants in downtown Wenatchee. Stan’s Merry Mart on South Wenatchee Avenue, The Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee, and Hooked on Toys on North Wenatchee Avenue. 

Now all I have to do is figure out what everybody wants. I need to get with the program soon or it's going to be Slim Jims and M&M's again this year. 


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