It's been a subject of talk around the office. Where or where is the first In-N-Out burger going to be in Washington state? Now we have the answer. It will be in Ridgefield, WA. My response, Where the hell is Ridgefield?

Ridgefield is located in Clark County on the I-5 corridor. If I'm looking at the correct Ridgefield in Google Maps, it's not that far from the Washington/Oregon border. Needless to say, their location is not going to do me any good because I don't foresee driving down I-5 to Oregon anytime soon. 

There has been much speculation where I work as to In-N-Out burger and where they should go. Especially between myself and the “other Dave” in the building. Since I've never tried an In-N-Out burger, I don't know what I'm missing but the other Dave says they're quite special. 

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According to,
An aerial map showed the new roads and businesses in the area, which included In-N-Out Burger, N. 50th Avenue, Pioneer Canyon Drive, N 53rd Avenue, N 56th Avenue, Costco, Panda Express, McDonald's, Mountain View Dental, iQ Credit Union, YMCA. In-N-Out told FOX 13 Seattle at the time that it was in the early stages of planning.”

I have said before that I think In-N-Out burger in Wenatchee would be a huge slam dunk. The menu is simple, burgers, fries, shakes or soda and that's pretty much it based on their website. No Nuggets, No fish sandwich, No chicken sandwich. (Crispy or otherwise), No onion rings, No ice cream. (Except for milkshakes.) 

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Easy to decide what you want, easy to order, easy for them to make. I said it before, it's a slam dunk. 

I hope the Ridgefield store does great. And they decide to put more in eventually one in the Wenatchee valley. 

In-N-Out Burger officially announces WA opening date ( 

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