Prosecutors in the murder conviction of Dalton Scott Potter say his standard sentencing range is between 53 and 65.5 years in prison.

A Douglas County jury convicted 28-year-old Potter of first-degree murder and eight other charges on October 30.

Potter shot and killed is Alyssa Longwell, his 38-year-old ex-girlfriend, on Badger Mountain Road last January.

Prosecutors submitted a sentencing memo Monday for Potter, who will be sentenced on December 14.

Superior Court Judge John Knodell, a visiting Grant County judge who presided over the trial, will impose the sentence.

Prosecutors submitted his sentencing range of between 637 and 787 months.

The memo stated three 60-month firearm enhancements were added to the standard range for his first-degree murder and two first-degree assault convictions.

The memo said the three convictions are serious violent offenses arising from separate and distinct criminal conduct and should run consecutively to each other and concurrently with other offenses.

Prosecutors did not make a sentencing recommendation, but said they would make one within the total standard rage after consulting with Longwell’s family and the Department of Corrections.

The Longwell family is expected to address the court at sentencing.