A woman is safe after a water rescue on the Columbia River Sunday afternoon. 

The Wenatchee Valley Fire Department sent a fire engine from Rock Island as well as a rescue unit from the Eastmont fire station and an additional rescue team with a boat to the Spanish Castle area. 

Battalion 2 Chief Jordan Givens says a middle-aged woman was distressed and getting blown far off into the river by high winds.  

"She was on a stand-up paddle board that was deflating, and they were getting blown across to the Kittitas County side of the river," said Givens. 

The fire engine from Rock Island arrived on the scene first after being dispatched at 4:22 pm. The engine came with a rescue swimmer who used an inflatable kayak to paddle out to the woman and escort her to the Kittitas County shoreline.  

From there, a fire department boat traveled across the river and shuttled the woman and the rescue swimmer back to the site of the boat launch on the Douglas County side. 

Givens says they were able to get to the woman quickly after their arrival. 

"From the time that engine 3 arrived and got an inflatable kayak in the water, I would say that in less than 10 minutes from their arrival to the time that they had the swimmer deployed and contact made with the patient," Givens said. 

No one was injured. Givens said the woman was tired, but recovered unharmed. He also said she was fortunate to have worn a lfe jacket. 

It was the fifth water rescue performed by the Wenatchee Valley Fire Department so far this season. It performed 20 water rescues last summer. The department often assists other agencies with water rescues. 

Givens says the water is still very cold from mountain snow melt at this time.