The local organization known as Our Valley Our Future (OVOF) is partnering with communities in the Lake Chelan area to launch the Lake Chelan Vision Project (LCVP).

OVOF is an independent, non-partisan group that conducts community outreach, visioning, and planning work in the region.

The LCVP will include a series of community engagements that OVOF's Steve Maher says will serve in identifying what residents in Chelan, Manson, and South Shore value most about living there.

"We'll be doing just like we do with our regional planning efforts, listening sessions, interviews with stakeholders, and conducting a community survey to try and get input. What we're focusing on the most is helping those communities identify shared community values."

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The input received from residents will be critical in the formation of planning work that will help in guiding the future of the Lake Chelan area.

Chelan Mayor Erin McCardle says the project will also provide the foundation for her city's long-term modeling.

"This core values effort is literally the first step in developing a long-range comprehensive plan and updating our comprehensive plan to reflect the core values of our community."

McCardle says the last time any outreach and visioning work occurred in the Lake Chelan area was back in 2006.

LCVP will kick off in May and is expected to continue through this fall.