East Wenatchee Mayor Jerrilea Crawford is urging her city's residents not to avoid shopping at businesses located within a construction zone on Rock Island Road.

The work, which began on March 18, stretches from the intersection of Grant Road to McGee Street and is providing improvements to the city's water system, as well as new pavement and other upgrades.

Crawford says whenever a construction project makes it more difficult to access a business, people have a tendency to shop somewhere else.

"I know it's so tough when there's construction. People just don't want to go through a construction zone just to get to their favorite latte stand or whatever else it is, but it means a lot to those businesses if you can still find your way to them and support them during those times."

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Last fall, during a large road construction project at the intersection of Eastmont Avenue and Grant Road, numerous businesses inside and near the work zone reported significant financial impacts and a sharp decline in patronage while the work was happening.

Crawford says despite the issues that many businesses faced, she feels many people in the community recognized their hardships and stepped up by purchasing gift cards.

"Buying gift cards is a way of saying 'I may not use your service today but I want to support you and I will be back'. Little things like that do mean a lot for our businesses, so when their way of business is interrupted, it's great for folks to step up and support those businesses during that time."

There are over a dozen businesses located within the construction zone on Rock Island Road, including a service station, nail salon, laundromat, and a longstanding drive-in restaurant.

The project is expected stretch through the end of this month but be wrapped up by May 8.

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