The East Wenatchee City Council has begun the process of filling an open seat that was created earlier this month with the resignation of Sasha Sleiman.

East Wenatchee Mayor Jerrilea Crawford says applications for the vacancy are now being accepted, and those who are interested can find out more information online or by picking up a packet at City Hall.

"The packet has the process for applying and the questions that the Council would like them to answer, as well as the requirements for the position."

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To receive consideration, applicants must have resided inside the city limits of East Wenatchee for at least one year and be registered to vote.

Crawford says the Council isn't looking for anything specific but is always interested in candidates who can offer more diversity to the its membership.

"In the past when we've had open seats, it's been about looking at each individual who applies and the various backgrounds that they bring and how those may add something to the Council that is currently missing. It might be someone's experience and knowledge in a certain area or it could be someone's ideas or passions to move something forward in the city that tips the scales."

The deadline to apply is April 10 and the Council agreed at a special meeting Wednesday to hold in-person interviews on April 30th.

Crawford says it's likely that the new councilmember would be sworn in at its first meeting in May.