Eighth District Congresswoman Kim Schrier has announced that 14 of her Community Project Funding (CPF) requests are included in a funding bill that was signed into law by President Biden.

The biggest monetary contribution of all the projects is about $3.1 Million to help modernize the terminal at Pangborn Airport.

There's also funding to install water tanks in remote areas of Chelan County to help firefighters fight fires in rural areas.

In addition, money will be provided to help equip Chelan County Sheriff’s deputies with body cameras.

A total of more than $4,6 million in Community Project Funding will be coming to Chelan County

“I’m delighted to see these 14 projects get the funding they need. Through Community Project Funding, I’m able to go to bat for my constituents and bring their federal tax dollars right back home to the 8th District,” said Rep. Schrier.

A news release from Congresswoman Schrier’s office says Community Project Funding allows members of Congress to advocate on behalf of their constituents by identifying local projects in need of federal funding.

Schrier said the projects will help fund local infrastructure, law enforcement, and community priorities.

The three Chelan County projects are summarized below:

  • Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Body Worn Camera Program, Wenatchee: Body worn cameras are a tool for promoting transparency, enhancing officer safety, and promoting police accountability. Chelan County Sheriff’s Office is the only law enforcement agency in the region without body worn cameras. This funding would make it possible for the Sheriff’s Office to purchase equipment, accessories, data management, and implement the initial program with training, outreach, and community engagement and evaluation. Amount received: $660,000.
  • Chelan County Firefighting Water Tanks, Wenatchee: The Chelan County Water Tank Community Project would repurpose mobile cargo containers designed for use as water storage tanks into stationary water tanks. The tanks have a 21,000 gallons capacity and are insulated on the exterior for a rating to -10 degrees. There are adaptable plumbing fixtures installed and the tanks are fitted with an axle and wheels making them easily transportable, allowing them to be relocated to areas experiencing a major fire incident within the county if needed. Amount received: $893,250.
  • Terminal Modernization at Pangborn Memorial Airport, Wenatchee: This project will provide sufficient apron space for GA aircraft, ensuring aircraft are able to safely navigate the apron and taxiways upon arrival and departure. This will allow Pangborn Wenatchee Regional Airport to continue to serve the over 100,000 residents of Wenatchee Valley, businesses in Chelan and Douglas counties, and general aviation users of the airport. Amount received: $3,096,000.

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