Chelan County's K9 Gambit is throwing his leash in the ring to become a member of the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society's first-ever Apple Blossom Festival Canine Royalty.

The three-year-old border collie who works doing drug detection at the Chelan County Regional Justice Center is among ten local dogs who are vying for the king's crown.

Gambit's handler, Deputy Jacob Lewis, says he was entered in the contest as a way of saying thanks to both the humane society and the community.

"It's just a way for us to help the humane society since a lot of the state's police dogs come from shelters and rescues, and it was a way for us to give back to the community since we get a lot of support from local businesses and fundraisers."

The humane society took nominations at a donation cost of $20 each until mid-February when its staff narrowed the field for king and queen to ten dogs in each category.

Public voting is now open through March 8 to determine the king and queen at a cost of $1 per vote.

Lewis says if Gambit is chosen to reign over the canine portion of this year's festival, he'll try to make it benefit every pet living in North Central Washington.

"If he does become crowned, his royal decree will be that, during the Apple Blossom Festival, any parent of a pet is encouraged to go to their favorite coffee shop and get their pet a pup cup."

To view the finalists for the humane society's Canine Royalty and to make a vote-by-donation, click here.

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