In the Evergreen State, an individual may be asked to prove they are 21 or older to buy alcohol, particularly if they appear to be a minor.

Those of a certain age have all been "cleared" at the self-scan checkout line in the grocery store or "carded" if we appear younger by the clerk or by servers at bars and restaurants.  Customers are often required to prove they are of age rather than having a "presumptive" right to buy alcohol until the seller is shown otherwise.

Contrast that with voting registration in Washington state.

You don't have to prove you are eligible to vote in Washington because essentially you have a "presumptive" right to vote according to Association of County Auditors Lori Larsen.  She told the Center Square  "We start with the assumption that they are eligible," she added. "If something comes up that suggests otherwise, we can take action."

Does that make sense when so many people register to vote when applying for a driver's license.  State law does not require people to prove they are eligible to vote when they register to vote.  Instead, the system is based on catching ineligible voters after the fact.  Apparently, after they have voted illegally or get caught through a database search.

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The lack of direct verification can result in foreign nationals being registered to vote when obtaining a driver's license. A Department of Licensing Manager has described this problem happens "every so often maybe once a month if that."   DOL says the responsibility of voter eligibility lies with the Office of Secretary of State and County Auditor's.

Officials point out an individual would be committing a Class C felony by declaring their eligibility to vote and knowingly providing false information.

Since there is no "list of citizen's" to cross check, the possibility for errors would be difficult to ascertain.


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