Wenatchee's Walla Walla Point Park is slated for improvements this year.

Parks Manager Ryan Baker met with Chelan County Public Utilities commissioners this week to discuss plans moving forward. He says $450,000 will go towards re-paving the parking lot and grading around the tennis courts.

"We're ending up with some pooling when we receive rain or irrigation runs for a long period of time. And as you know, we put a significant amount of investment into those courts. We want to make sure that they properly drain," Baker said. "Full replacement of that parking lot with asphalt and get the drainage happening correctly with our storm drains."

Baker says they're also looking forward to adding three basketball courts at a cost of $500,000.

Baker adds that any money left over could go towards a connection path from the Apple Capitol Loop trail, a water fountain, and electricity to charge phones and run radios.

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Wenatchee's Walla Walla Point Park

Beautiful park along the Columbia River which cuts through the Wenatchee Valley

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