The Wenatchee and Eastmont School Districts are two of many districts in the state and across the country receiving threats in what police investigators call swatting.

Swatting consists of computer-generated calls or recorded messages that make fake threats toward individuals or groups.

Wenatchee School District spokesperson Diana Haglund says a swatting call threatening the district was made to police dispatchers today (5/10). Eastmont School District confirmed the same set of circumstances.

"It was treated as a non-threat in the Wenatchee school district based on investigation that law enforcement was able to do and confirmation by Wenatchee high school that there was no threat that was mentioned in the swatting call on campus." Haglund said.

Haglund adds that no measures were taken to lock down schools.

"Through the verification process that happens very quickly with our law enforcement partners, it was not necessary for us to take any preliminary measures in order to ensure student safety." Haglund said.

Haglund says the recorded voice in today's call is the same voice in connection with other threats to schools.

The swatting hoax today prompted many schools to lock down including those in Walla Walla and Spokane School Districts.

Police are investigating.

Last March, a Bremerton man was indicted for what the FBI called a three-month swatting campaign that threatened people across the U-S and Canada.

In this case, investigators say Ashton Connor Garcia made more than 20 swatting calls to law enforcement, targeting victims in Washington and several other states.

“Every time Mr. Garcia is alleged to have made one of his false reports to law enforcement, he triggered a potentially deadly event – sending heavily armed police officers to an address where they mistakenly believed they would confront someone who was armed and dangerous,” said U.S. Attorney Nick Brown in a release.

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