A man suspected of shooting and killing a Rock Island man in East Wenatchee faces drug charges while in custody.

Court documents filed in Chelan County say Erik Farias-Reyes brought drugs into jail April 19th after he was arrested in the murder of Elias Mora-Ontiveros.

Court documents also say the discovery was made by a deputy at the jail using a body scanner while performing a strip search.

According to the deputy's report, Farias-Reyes couldn't believe none of the arresting officers detected the baggie of blue pills laced with fentanyl inside a blue glove hidden in his pants.

Reyes is charged with possession as a prisoner. He's already charged with second degree murder after investigators say a heated dispute escalated into a shot fired into a car. Mora-Ontiveros was hit in the back. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

24-year-old Sabrina McCubbin was also arrested in a swat response at Lyle's Motel on Weantchee Avenue on a charge of rendering criminal assistance.

A third suspect, Juan Carlos Vasquez Hernandez, is also in jail, accused of acting as Reyes' getaway driver.

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