Gov. Inslee and the WA State Department of Commerce issued a statement  this week about a new jet fuel company coming to Moses Lake.

Company will use water and carbon dioxide to make fuel

Gov. Inslee was at the Paris Air Show and the announcement said a company called Twelve will be setting up shop in Grant County.

According to  the DOC:

 "Twelve’s E-Jet fuel is produced using the company’s carbon transformation technology, which uses only renewable energy and water to transform COinto critical chemicals and materials conventionally made from fossil fuels."

   "The groundbreaking event for the facility will take place on July 11 with Gov. Inslee and other regional and local stakeholders who support sustainable aviation fuel development in Washington State. The first customers to receive E-Jet fuel from the plant will be companies and major airlines with which Twelve has existing partnerships, including ShopifyAlaska Airlines, and Microsoft."

The process involves using what's called and electrochemical reactor and a catalyst to electrify water and carbon dioxide into a gas. It is then refined into fuel.


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According to reports, the plan build-up will employ 100 workers, with 20 permanent jobs.

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