It won't be long before we start to see those orange cones, signaling the start of road construction season.

Construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of Methow and Crawford near Wenatchee's Lincoln Park will get underway in a few months.

A Safe Route for Schools grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation was approved to help with pedestrian traffic, but project engineer Zachary Horton says the design came about with overall pedestrian and traffic safety in mind.

"It's not necessarily just pedestrian, although it's a main focal point of the project." Horton said. "We'll be completing gaps in sidewalks along Methow Street up to Lincoln Elementary as well as replacing any curb ramps to make sure they're compliant with ADA requirements that are in effect."

Horton says alternative options to help with traffic safety were considered.

"Ultimately it didn't meet the warrants for a traffic signal or the warrants for doing an all-way stop so the only solution up to that point was a roundabout."

The city also plans to install a new water main to replace an old asbestos concrete water main and overlay Methow Street between Crawford Avenue and Lincoln Street.

The project is expected to start in late April and finish prior to the start of school.

The contractor will be permitted to close the intersection of Crawford Avenue and Methow Street for up to 14 consecutive calendar days while school is out of session.

Horton says signs notifying neighbors of the project and its detours will be posted well ahead of time.

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