Chelan County is pursuing federal assistance for three separate projects it hopes to complete in the near future.

The County is seeking $4 million for one of the ventures known as the Wenatchee Great Infrastructure Project.

"What that project will accomplish is the restoration of eleven headwaters and streams in the Wenatchee watershed," explains Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay. "It will create an area for natural water storage, wildfire fuel breaks, and flood reduction through natural processes."

The Wenatchee Great Infrastructure Project was also previously selected as an alternate to receive state funding through a grant process.

Overbay says the county is also asking for $2 million for a project that will make improvements to Totem Pole Road in Manson.

"What that will do is take care of a steep roadway that's winding and narrow, has no sidewalks and poor stormwater facilities. It will begin in downtown Manson and go all the way up to the school. Currently, the children who attend Manson schools all have to bus in because there's no safe routes to walk, so this will actually install the infrastructure that will allow for that."

The County is seeking $5.8 million in federal funding for the project, with the remaining $2.2 million to come from local grants and matches.

The County is also asking for $1.2 million to fund the preliminary studies associated with the possible construction of a regional behavioral health diversity facility, which would provide an alternate resource for assisting those in need of mental health services and keep them out of the jail system.

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