Chelan County Public Works is asking the public to obey restrictions on county roads that'll be in place until Saturday. 

Four roads are going through seasonal closures because their surfaces are unstable from temperature swings above and below freezing. 

Chelan County spokesperson Jill FitzSimmons says they're especially concerned about Burch Mountain and Horse Lake roads in Wenatchee. 

"Those roads are still drying out," said FitzSimmons. "And I believe we have some nice skies for the next three days, so that should get us what we like to have dried out by April First and those two roads back open." 

Mountain Home Road in Leavenworth will also reopen Saturday, as will a portion of Oklahoma Gulch Road near Entiat. 

Burch Mountain Road in Wenatchee specifically closes to the public on Feb. 15 through the end of March because it's susceptible to getting ruts from usage when the temperatures swing above and below freezing. 

Horse Lake Road in Wenatchee, along with Mountain Home Road in Leavenworth and a portion of Oklahoma Gulch Road near Entiat all close down between Dec. 1 through March 31 on an annual basis. 

The county Public Works Department says it knows it feels like spring outside but is asking the public to give the roads additional days to dry out before they re-open to the public. 

"When those roads are wet, and this is why we have the seasonal road closures, you can get some rutting and things like that. And these are primitive roads. We don't want any damage to the primitive roadway." 

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