Cashmere residents raised alarm bells when they turned on their faucets and discovered that they had cloudy water. 

City of Cashmere Public Works Director Steve Croci reassures residents that the water is safe to drink, and that the cloudiness is just tiny air bubbles being released from pressurized well pipes.

Recently, the city switched from the river as a water source to Well 10, due to filters in the river getting clogged with a sand-like sediment and increased algae.

The well currently has low water levels due to increased water usage this summer.

Croci also stated that other factors include Woodard and Curran employees' unfamiliarity with the Cashmere water system, and the recent departure of seasoned Public Works employees leading to slower service.

Croci hopes to see some rainfall in the near future and that employees will be able to clean the river filters soon. 

There is currently no time estimate for when the filters will be cleaned.

Croci stated that if your water is cloudy, just wait for the bubbles in the water to dissipate and the water should clear up in a few minutes.

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