Several dogs that escaped a house fire in Moses Lake more than a week ago are being sheltered at an animal rescue service in Cashmere.

Okandogs' mission is to locate dogs in trouble, neuter or spay them, and adopt them out or transport them to partner rescue organizations.

On May 9th, the rescue center was called out to the fire where 25 dogs had already perished in the flames. 19 dogs survived.

"There were several adult dogs inside and they had gone toward the bedroom but got stuck. And no way to get out." Okandogs Vice President Jan Short said. "And of course, some of the dogs just ran and they were scattered all over."

Dogs scattered across Moses Lake property after devastating fire
Dogs scattered across Moses Lake property after devastating fire

Short and her team decided to take the surviving dogs back to Okandogs where the shelter plans to adopt the dogs out or take them to a partner rescue organization. She says some are short-tempered, but they're working on it.

"They're getting a little better. I would have said they would have been classified as feral dogs, but I don't think so. I just think they were just totally shocked and fear."

Okandogs opened in 2014 to help the humane society when it ran out of space. Short originally wanted to care for a few dogs at a time, but things changed.

"At the time, all shelters neutered and spayed at six or eight weeks. But I decided, you know what, I'm going to try something better. So, we don't spay or neuter dogs until they're six months." Short said. "All dogs get spayed, neutered, microchipped, and rabies (shots), and all other shots that are required before they're released."

Currently, Okandogs looks after 74 dogs and rescues more than 625 dogs a year.

Short asks people who want to adopt their dogs to have a fully fenced yard appropriate to the size of the dog. They will also need a daily plan that supports potty training, socializing and bonding time.

Information and Okandogs' adoption application can be found here.

As for the homeowner who lost his home and 25 dogs to the fire, Short says he didn't ask for the surviving dogs back.

"He's disabled. Things got out of control with puppies and reproducing from the litters that he had. And then more puppies. No spay, no neuter, no shots, no medical attention," Short said. "And so, he realized, I think, he was in trouble. He was feeding them. I'll have to say, there were none that looked like they hadn't been fed well. So, I think he was doing the best he could with resources."

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