Search and rescue crews have recovered the body of an avalanche victim from the base of Colchuck Peak near Leavenworth.

A Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Helicopter flew into the area this afternoon (02/24) in search of Seong Cho.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Helicopter Rescue Team
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Helicopter Rescue Team

"Today the weather cleared up, it was really clear up there and cold and the winds were fairly calm, so Snohomish County responded and started a search." Chelan County Sheriff's Sergeant Jason Reinfeld said.

Using GPS coordinates, a member of the helicopter rescue team was able to pinpoint the location of Cho's body.

"They flew to that location and lowered a rescuer on a hoist and he was able to find the avalanche victim underneath a very small amount of snow. And he was able to use the climbers harness and attachment to a rope and they were able to remove his body and take him back." Reinfeld said.

Cho's body was located in an area that the rescue team considered safe. The other two victims, Jeannie Lee and Yun Park, are believed to be farther up the hillside. It may be awhile before their bodies are recovered.

"Unfortunately, where we do believe the other two victims are, right at the base of that couloir that gets a lot of avalanche and rock fall. So it's just not a safe spot to put people in right now." Reinfeld said.

Meantime, the body of Cho has been turned over to the Chelan County Coroner’s Office.

It's believed he died from trauma caused by a fall from the avalanche.

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