A bill that clears the way for the potential construction of a regional aquatic center and sports complex in the Wenatchee Valley is on its way to Gov. Jay Inslee's desk.

Engrossed 2nd Substitute Senate Bill 5001 (E2SSB 5001) allows for the creation of a second public facilities district that would let voters in both Chelan and Douglas Counties decide if the proposed complex should be built.

Twelfth District Sen. Brad Hawkins (R) of East Wenatchee introduced the legislation and says it was one of the most difficult pieces he's ever worked on.

"This bill proved to be one of the most challenging bills I've ever had to work through the process. But it successfully advanced through five different legislative committees, including three in the Senate and two in the House. It ended up getting one vote in the House and two votes in the Senate."

Hawkins is optimistic that the bill will receive the governor's signature but cautions that the process to its final passage isn't over yet.

"The governor has twenty days to sign the bill, and I've already been reaching out the governor's office and they've been getting back to me. So a lot of people may not realize this, but the executive branch is a co-equal branch of government. So this final step is not one to take for granted."

E2SSB 5001 had just two co-sponsors and received its first hearing on January 9.

It was delivered to the governor's office on Wednesday (April 19).

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